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How greedy CEOs responded to the pandemic……

I think it is safe to say that almost all companies globally were caught by total surprise when the COVID 19 pandemic crisis hit. After that initial period of shock, many companies reacted with unexpected kindness and generosity. These included hotels, without any significant revenue streams, opening their rooms for free to frontline healthcare workers who were battling to save COVID patients, restaurants and food businesses delivering free hot meals to healthcare workers, carers and other essential services workers. There are numerous examples of. these happening, in many cases, without any accompanying public relations blitzes. I like David Sykes’ blog on the best responses to Covid 19.

On the other hand, some companies reacted swiftly to take advantage of the situation. They applied for every line of credit they could lay their hands on, then retrenched as many staff as possible, furloughed ( where the scheme was available) others, while protecting the pay of senior most employees. Here’s another blog by Josie Wexler on the subject.

I am sure many of you will agree that the world is a different place today. People will not forget those companies that went out of their way to be kind , human and decent. They will also not forgive the other companies, who took advantage.

To everyone who has been battling this unprecedented uncertainty in some way or the other, and inspiring and helping other people in so many ways – here’s to keeping the hope alive and to better times ahead 🥂..! Take care and stay safe.

What do you think ? Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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