How To Gain Inexhaustible Energy ?

We are a part of Paramatma.

So in effect we have the Lord within us.

Our conscience, inner voice, guardian angel et al – all are reflections of the divine within us

Our desires, lusts, anger, etc – all negative things come from our temporal self – sthoola sharira

The conclusion of the jivatma being a part of the Paramatma is that the Lord provides us with inexhaustible energy and resources to achieve our wishes

The problem is that we use that energy to fulfill our desires, to which there are no ends.

So everytime we achieve a desire, we desire soemthing else, something more.

So inexhaustible energy meets interminable desire and soon the body, which is limited, suffers

But if we were to focus our energies on the greater good, service to mankind, then the energy is multiplied by that of other like-minded people, who we help and also engage with.

Swami Vivekananda said “If you want to find God, serve man”.

Through that service, we gain positive karma. But even more than karma, we gain energy that is difficult to obtain from any other source.

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