Is spiritual knowledge useful in our everyday real lives ?

At first glance , the answer seems to be no.

But upon some thought, you realise that spiritual knowledge is indispensable in making mortal life proper.

Most of us have a sense of right and wrong. That is morality. That sense tells us which actions are right and which are not, not just for us but for others too.

However having spiritual knowledge helps us by extending that sense of morality . With spiritual knowledge, we not only have a better sense of right and wrong actions, but because we understand how all beings are connected to each other , we also understand how harming somebody else ultimately harms us.

Can spiritual knowledge help us be more successful ? For example, can it help us make more money, gain love and wield power ?

Spiritual power is the inherent power that we possess, independent of our mortal self. In other words, it is the power of our soul, as opposed to the power that we gain from our physical self – i.e., the power that we wield as , for example as a political leader, or a business leader or a very educated person.

So spiritual power should not be used for material success. It will never work, as the Karmic reaction would be too severe. The impact of Karma is difficult to predict for us humans, blinded as we are, by the veiling powers of Maya. So, the Karmic reaction could manifest itself in the current life, or the next one. You misuse spiritual power at your own risk.

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