Making sense spiritually of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The world as we know it has changed in front of our very eyes. From a vague infectious outbreak in a place called Wuhan in China in January 2020, within a matter of one to two months, the entire planet is affected. The scale of the infections, the number of deaths and the painful struggles of the world’s greatest and other countries, to deal with the pandemic, provide adequate personal protective gear, tests, medicine, care and support to its citizens, is quite simply without parallel in recent times.

So, how are people supposed to deal with a situation like this ?

If we look around us and see how the so-called leaders of our world have reacted and are coping, it is evident that most of them not covered themselves in glory during the greatest public health crisis of our times. Most of our leaders have been, like the rest of us, self isolated themselves, trying to ride this pandemic out.
The rich and the famous have been similarly exposed, as helpless, minus their usual swagger and braggadocio. Mighty CEOs and the gurus, pundits and assorted self-appointed leaders of various human endeavours, reducing to tweeting meekly from their assortments of holiday / second homes , preferably away from more densely populated places.
The illustrious filmstars, reality tv stars, media personalities and bloggers look less lustrous and luminous, minus their makeup, lights, red carpets, retinues and media circuses.

So, how are people meant to cope with devastation, upheaval and loss at this magnitude ? There is some research to show that people are turning to faith, at least in the western nations which had shown a steady decline in Church visits over the past decades. No surprise that when the politicians , business leaders , scientists and doctors are struggling to provide answers, people want to turn to faith for support.

Of the many religions and faiths that exist today, there is one that been around probably longer than most. Vedanta, is not really a faith as much as a spiritual philosophy. Nominally, a part of the Hindu faith, it is more open, secular and inclusive than many others.

The questions that Vedanta helps us understand, and equip us to find our own answers to, include:

  1. Who am I , actually ?
  2. Why am I here on this planet ?
  3. What is the purpose of my life ?
  4. Does everything end with my death ?
  5. How should I lead my life?
  6. Are my immediate family the only people I should care for?

If, like me, you are also a seeker of knowledge and truth, then together, we can try and find the answers, based on the principles of Vedanta.
In this search, we will keep referring to the greatest Yogi and Vedantists of our modern times, Swami Vivekananda. He was also the most preeminent Practical Vedantist as well as scholar, researcher, philosopher and social worker.
On the other hand, if you are a Master of Vedanta, please do get in touch with us at [email protected], to allow us to discuss how we can benefit from your windom

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