Management by coterie

So, in the context of an organisation, what is a coterie and why are they harmful?

Coterie  noun  a small group of people with shared interests, often one that does not want other people to join them ( Cambridge Dictionary)

 What is the difference between a coterie and a group ?

Group: a leader needs to work with a comparitively smaller number of associates, to manage a larger function, business unit or organisation. So, a group is a team of people who get together to achieve some common goals, company objectives or functions.

A coterie, on the other hand, is more like a self-serving clique. It is also a smaller group of associates, but one that chooses to stay close to the leader, mostly to protect their own self interests.

 How to recognise a coterie ? 

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  • By themselves, coterie members are usually competent, capable professionals 
  • In front of the leader, they become servile, behaving at best like a fan-boy (or girl) and at worst, like a groupie ready to carry out the boss’s every command
  • Almost never contradicts a leader in public, even when the leader makes a less than clever suggestion or unworkable request
  • Even when the leader apparently solicits open or transparent feedback, the coterie member will usually trot out the default party line or the leader’s preferred position
  • In private, a coterie member might accept these charges and acknowledge their helplessness, but in public they prefer discretion

Why leaders should discourage coteries and promote open and transparent groups

A coterie can be damaging to the well-being of an organisation, by making the leader less effective. A leader, any leader, will make some mistakes over a period of time , as a result of being a decision maker.

A leader who actively promotes and tolerates a coterie will suffer from the echo chamber effect that a coterie provides, never getting valuable , unvarnished and honest feedback that might have allowed the leader to course correct.

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