What is the end game of the Vedanta Philosophy ?

The Vedanta philosophy is sublime and reveals the highest possible state that we human beings can aspire towards. Actually it reveals the highest state as something that we already have within us , but unfortunately unreachable through material means.  But possible to grasp and realise with the help of the entire philosophy of the Vedanta

So what is the end game of the Vedanta philosophy ?

Achieving our true, eternal self as part of the Universal Self.  That state is better than the material self. 

However, are there drawbacks ?

– In our material existence , we are responsible for our own destinies. Not so in our Universal Self

– In our Universal Self, we have sat chit ananda – existence, consciousness or knowledge and bliss. Not as we have it in our current mortal lives, but the perfect forms. So, perfect existence, perfect consciousness ,perfect knowledge and perfect bliss

-What we do not have are the simple and not-so-simple material pleasures that we take for granted in this life

– Once we are able to break the shackles of our mortal existence, we revert back to our true original existence. Sat.chit.ananda

So, which state is better ? The mortal form or the immortal one ?

It should essentially be a no-brainer, right ? The immortal form, anytime! But, what about the loss of the simple and the complex pleasures of mortal existence. You cannot have your favourite food or drink, your most enjoyable pastimes or anything else, in your immortal form.

In fact, by definition, you have to overcome your mortal desires if you are to attain ( or regain) that immortal form.

There is no right or wrong answer. We choose to be here in our mortal forms – that is the result of our free wills and individual sentiency, which we manifest. However, once we exercise the option to manifest ourselves mortally, it is extremely difficult to revert back to our true form.

So, bottom line is, choose wisely and choose consciously. If you don’t, it just might be a very long time before you can get back to this point.

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