Which is the best religion and why is Vedanta different ?

Honestly, I don’t know which is the best one. All religions are paths to the one truth – Universal Truth. That is what the Vedanta teaches.

However, I do know why the Vedanta is different.

  1. Because it does not offer you something to gain. In the sense of typical things that human beings desire – love, money, sex, power, honour and respect

2. It merely shows you what you already are – Sat Chid Ananda. Infinite Existence , Knowledge and Bliss

3. It does not threaten you with dire consequences if you don’t follow it’s tenets. It makes you are aware that there is no difference between you and God

Of course , for those of us with a scientific bent of mind, it would be good to get proof of the Sat Chid Ananda state first.

Good news – Vedanta says that you can. You just need to concentrate and mediate and focus to see beyond this apparent causal existence.

It can be done. Others have done it. All the religion men and Gods who have lived in this world.

And Vedanta assures you that you can too. All you need to do is to want it badly enough. More than you want anything else. And therein lies our challenge. We want everything else.

So, to put it simply, the Vedanta does not offer a single general proof, as you find in the books of mathematics, physics or the other sciences. In stead, Vedanta offers each of us personalised proof, that is relevant to our lives and the context of our karma and karmic cycle.

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