Swami Vivekanda

Who Judges Us ?

January 12th was the 159th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanda. On this occasion, let us look at who judges us, from a spiritual point of view.

The greatest judge is not God, but our own conscience. Each of us is meant to be our own judge.

The reasoning is thus:

If we are all Jivatmas and the Lord God is Paramatma and according to the Vedanta philosophy, the Jivatma and Paramatma are non-different, then the following conclusions derive:

  1. Jivatma and Patamatma are different sides of the same coin
  2. The only reason why we , the Jivatmas cannot manifest the qualities of the Paramatma, is because we have chosen to enjoy mortal life or Samsara
  3. A necessary condition of enjoying mortal life is to switch off, or forget, our existence as Sat.Chit.Ananda – essentially, a part of Brahman and also the Paramatma, who is nothing but the active representation of Brahman
  4. The key thing to note here is that our manifestation as humans or mortals is driven by our own desires
  5. What that means is that God doesn’t send us here – we ourselves do
  6. Why ? Because not only do we have sentiency, we also have agency and ability
  7. The lives we lead here generate Karma and that Karma determines what happens in our next lives
  8. Therefore, we are also our own judges
  9. Till the time that we do not fully understand our true constitutional position , relative to Brahman and the Paramatma, we are not able to judge ourselves
  10. So, we are driven by the ups and downs of life and the resultant reactions of our own Karmas
  11. But the minute we are attain comprehension of the truth of our situations, then regardless of which faith we belong to ( remember that Sanatana Dharma is non-sectarian, meaning all beings are Sanatana – there is no separate ceremony needed to become one), we are immediately in a position to take cognizance of our own actions and non-actions
  12. When we reach that stage, we are able to judge ourselves and take the necessary actions
  13. We are then close to the stage known in Vedanta as Jivanmuktas – living but free from the effects of Samsara
  14. To reach Jivanmukta, we need to meditate, recognise the truth about our being Sat.Chit.Ananda and become non-interested in the benefits of Samsara
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