According to the Vedanta philosophy, our duty is twofold. 

One to realise our true nature as souls and understand our relationship with the Super Soul , or God. 

Second , to also understand that if all of us are connected to God, and at our core , our individual souls are non-different from the Paramatma , that means we are also connected to every other mortal being in existence.  

Our duty is to understand this truth and live our lives to reflect this understanding. If we do truly understand these duties and realise their meaning , the conclusion is inescapable – this cycle of birth and death is tiring and temporary and we are better off in our original , spiritual existence. 

Advaita Vedanta is the only spiritual philosophy that is crystal clear about the true nature of human beings and their relationship with God. Advaita Vedanta does not care if you are a Hindu or not, if you can speak and read Sanskrit or not , if you reside in the holy parts of India or not, if you visit the Hindu temples or not. 

Show me one other religion that cares so little about your faith, your ethnicity , your country of birth , your wealth and social status, where you are born in a royal family or one of beggars ,  and any other narrow , parochial consideration that divides human being from human being. 

For these reasons, Advaita Vedanta towers above the religions of the world.