If I am not this body, then what am I ?

  1. I am not this body, but pure consciousness
  2. But if I am pure consciousness, then why am I saddled with all the disadvantages of a body – aches and pains, heartaches, some misunderstandings , strained relationships, regrets about losing near and dear ones
  3. Even though my true and original nature might be pure consciousness , but the reality is that currently, in this life and at this present time, I am trapped in a body and in a physical form
  4. I am here in this human form because I desired it. Trust me, this didn’t just happen by itself. The Big Man didn’t command me to come here, even though He could. I wanted it
  5. So , no-one can transition from the Sat Chit Ananda Brahman state to a human being because somebody else, even God, desired it so
  6. God does not have any individual desires. By definition, God is above desires
  7. But the same cannot be said for us
  8. We have desires and are very much driven by our desires
  9. In fact, paradoxically, being in the Sat Chit Ananda state, amazing and perfect as that is, there could be a problem. The problem is perfection. Some of us, part of that self-same Brahman, through the power of the Paramatma, and via the mechanism of Maya , are able to surface our individuality, in the form of name-form
  10. Those that surface as name-forms then vie to be manifested as human beings
  11. That process of who is selected to be manifested as a human being and how , is not very clear
  12. My theory is that not everyone who is in that state of name form, which is a kernel or seed form and not a fully formed mortal being, but not pure Brahman any more, due to the desire of being manifested as a mortal as opposed to being part of what is pure consciousness, is able to be manifested in mortal form
  13. When there is an opening in the mortal world, where due to the desires of the human beings already there, who desire to have a child, then a particular name-form is matched to the two would-be parents
  14. That process of matching is also not a simple one
  15. I am certain that if there were a matching process, the criteria would be complex. It would take into account the desires of the would be parents and their karmas. The process would also take into account the desires of the name form
  16. I am not sure that the name form would have any karma at that point
  17. But once manifested in the mortal form, as human beings, then the ability to be an unmanifested name form, or even pure consciousness and the knowledge that one is Brahman and Sat Chit Ananda, is obviously lost
  18. That loss of awareness is due to the veiling powers of Maya
  19. The bottomline is that we are not actually these bodies
  20. We are Sat.Chit.Ananda. Pure Knowledge.Pure Existence.Pure Bliss
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