Personal God or Impersonal Brahman ?

The question of personal God versus the impersonal Brahman. Which idea is predominant ? Who is more powerful ?

If one believes in the Personal God being all powerful, then one also has to believe that our ultimate destination is the spiritual planet of the supreme being , where one joins God with a spiritual body and indulges in unlimited spiritual fun.

That kind of defeats the whole purpose of spiritualism, doesn’t it ?

I believe that the only way to rise above sorrow and joy, is to rise above life itself. Nothing less will do. Not even a spiritual body and spiritual sex.

So what if the actual management of this material universe is done by human or other mortal beings.

Think about it. Like a parent is responsible for looking after their family , a leader of a country looks after her nation, similarly could it be possible that there are a few individuals who are responsible for our planet , Universe and other systems ?

Highly unlikely. Look at the leaders on Earth struggling to manage things like city municipalities, let alone entire nations.

Planet Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Windows Operating system – every system in existence has to follow the laws of material nature and work very precisely. Those laws cannot be created by those subject to those self-same laws.

According to Vedantic theory, all of what exists in the material world is created from Brahman and controlled by the Paramatma, who is incidentally also created from the Brahman. So what is the difference between Brahman and Paramatma ? The first is not sentient, while the Paramatma  has to be not only sentient, but also possessing of many other powers and qualities.

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