Why The Vedanta Is A Unique Spiritual Philosophy

  1. You can belong to any religion. The Vedanta philosophy and its principles hold true regardless of the religion we are born into
  2. Vedanta does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin or any other denomination
  3. The basic truth that the Vedanta illuminates is that the fundamental divinity and the Divine are within us, not necessarily in specially designated holy places
  4. It follows that if the divinity we seek is actually within us, then we obviously don’t need a middleman , godman, preacher to reach God
  5. It puts us in charge of our divinity. We do not have to depend on any particular scriptures to tell what is divine and righteous and what isn’t
  6. It puts the responsibility of what happens to us on ourselves, through the concept of Karma and Karmic reaction

It helps us answer the basic questions of human existence.

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